Short Film Review: 4 Quarters of Silence (dir by Cody Broadway)


Hi, everyone!  I want to take a small break from talking about horror movie and Halloween to tell you about 4 Quarters of Silence, a short documentary film that may not be scary but is definitely very inspiring.  It’s a 16-minute film that I was lucky enough to see this weekend and, halfway through the movie, I had tears in my eyes.

And I thought to myself, “Lisa, don’t you dare start crying…”

And I kept watching the movie.  And those tears did not go away and by the end of it all, I had given up on not crying.  However, those weren’t tears of sadness.  4 Quarters of Silence tells an incredibly inspiring little story, one that earned the tears that I shed.

The film opens with a title card that informs us that there are 1,483 high school football teams in Texas.  As a native Texan, I can definitely believe that.  However, there is only one football team that is totally made up of deaf players.  That team, located in Austin, is the Texas School for the Deaf’s Rangers.  4 Quarters of Silence follows the Rangers as they prepare for and play a game against a high school from San Antonio.

However, the emphasis really isn’t on who wins the game.  For the film, if not the coaches and the players, the game is almost a secondary concern.  Instead, 4 Quarters of Silence concentrates on the players and their coach, John Moore, as they refuse to allow their disability to keep them from doing something that they love.

John Moore is truly the star of the show, a passionate and inspiring coach who expects as much from his players off the field as on.  One of my favorite parts of the film contrasts the bombastic half-time speech of the San Antonio coach with Coach Moore’s equally passionate signed speech in the TSD locker room.

The love that Coach Moore has for both the game and his players is truly inspiring and I’m glad that 4 Quarters of Silence documented it.   It’s a truly touching film and one that successfully challenges many of the common assumptions that the hearing are too quick to make about the deaf.  Keep an eye out for it!

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