International Weirdness : “The Cutting Room”

Trash Film Guru


Having had some pretty good luck with European low-budget “found-footage” horror recently thanks to the rather splendid German indie effort Die Prasenz (or The Presence, if you prefer), I decided to give 2015 UK import The Cutting Room a go when I saw it available for streaming on Hulu (it’s also available on Blu-ray and DVD depending on where you live) just to see if there might be a trend brewing across the pond when it comes to breathing new life into this much-maligned genre. A spot of quick reading beforehand revealed that writer/director Warren Dudley got this thing in the can for the paltry sum of 12,ooo pounds, further piquing my interest, and reviews, while far from great on the whole, seemed to at least be mixed enough to offer some hope. Odds are I wouldn’t be walking into a classic here by any means, but what the…

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