The Fabulous Forties: In Conclusion


Having just finished reviewing all the films in Mill Creek’s Fabulous Forties box set, I thought I would conclude things by listing all of the films that can be found in the set.  They are listed below, from best to worst, in descending order.  Since most of these films are in the public domain, they can be found on either YouTube or the Internet Archive!


  1. My Man Godfrey
  2. His Girl Friday
  3. The Last Chance
  4. Lady of Burlesque
  5. D.O.A.
  6. The Black Book
  7. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
  8. Dishonored Lady
  9. Jungle Book
  10. The Strange Woman
  11. Passport to Pimlico
  12. Second Chorus
  13. Trapped
  14. The Adventures of Tartu
  15. The Chase
  16. The Adventures of Gallant Bess
  17. Cheers For Miss Bishop
  18. The Stork Club
  19. The Lady Confesses
  20. The Immortal Battalion
  21. The Red House
  22. Meet John Doe
  23. Gung Ho!
  24. Love Laughs At Andy Hardy
  25. Shock
  26. Port of New York
  27. Topper Returns
  28. The Sin of Howard Diddlebock
  29. This Is The Army
  30. Guest In The House
  31. The Devil Bat
  32. Broadway Limited
  33. Tulsa
  34. Sundown
  35. The North Star
  36. Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman
  37. Whistle Stop
  38. That Uncertain Feeling
  39. Treasure of Fear
  40. Pot O’ Gold
  41. Penny Serenade
  42. Outpost In Morocco
  43. Jack London
  44. Dick Tracy’s Dilemma
  45. Freckles Comes Home
  46. The Town Went Wild
  47. Lil’ Abner
  48. Dr. Kildare’s Strange Case
  49. Boys of the City
  50. Drums of Africa

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