Artist Profile: Clarence Doore (1913 — 1988)

Born in Canada, Clarence Doore settled and worked in both Massachusetts and Connecticut.  He was active from the late 1930s until the mid-1960s.  During World War II, he was stationed at the Climatic Research Laboratory, where the army studied the effects of extreme weather conditions on soldiers.  Doore’s sketches of soldiers fighting in snow and ice led to the Pentagon adopting the use of the fur-lined “Eisenhower jacket” for alpine troops.

Doore did illustrations for several pulp magazines and paperback publishers.  His exciting work can speak for itself.

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Rugged Men (Dec., 1958).  Cover by Clarence Doore

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6 Late Trailers For A Monday

Hi, everyone!

So, usually, I post my latest edition of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse and Exploitation Film trailers on Sunday.  However, yesterday was the final day that Cabaret was scheduled to be performed down here, at the Winspear Opera House, in Dallas.  Jeff and I caught the final matinée performance and it was absolutely wonderful!

However, it also meant that I did not have time to do my usual Sunday morning posting.

Still, I am nothing if not dedicated!  So, here below, are 6 late trailers for this wonderful Monday!  Admittedly, these trailers may feel a little bit random.  There’s no real theme to be found … or maybe there is.

Randomness can be a theme.



1) The Dark (1979)

I actually own a couple of DVD boxsets that feature The Dark but I’ve never actually gotten around to watching the movie.  Say what you will about the apparent cheapness of the special effects, the monster does look like he could serve as potential nightmare fuel.

2) The Evil (1978)

It feels appropriate to follow up The Dark with The Evil.  I’ve never seen this one either, but it’s apparently a haunted house film.  There’s some evil involved.

3) The House Where Evil Dwells (1982)

On the other hand, I have seen The House Where Evil Dwells.  Oh my God, is it ever a boring movie!  But the trailer’s kinda fun.

4) Ghosthouse (1988)

Despite what the credits may say, Ghosthouse was not directed by Humbert Humphrey.  This is an Umberto Lenzi film.  This trailer is actually pretty tame by Italian horror standards but it’s still graphic enough for me to suggest that you not watch it at work or if you’re disturbed by fake-looking gore.

5) Zombie 5: Killing Birds (1988)

I actually reviewed Killing Birds on this site a while ago.  I’ve always liked this trailer.  It’s full of atmosphere and it has an almost dream-like intensity to it.

6) Teenage Exorcist (1991)

And finally, let’s end things with the trailer for Teenage Exorcist!

So, I guess we did kind of end up with a theme here — evil monsters, haunted houses, and stuff.  I’m glad that worked out!


Well, damn.  That’s not nice…