Adventures in Cleaning out the DVR: Dangerous Company (dir by Sheldon Larry)


Continuing in my efforts to clean out the DVR (as well as post a review of every single film that premiere on Lifetime, LMN, or the SyFy network this year), I just watched Dangerous Company.  Dangerous Company originally aired on LMN on August 15th, 2015.

Alicia Leigh Willis plays Pauline, the CEO of Wendy Blue Fashion.  Pauline inherited the company from her mother, who, years earlier, died of dementia.  Pauline took care of her mother in her final days and still resents the fact that her sister, Deanna (Susan Slome), was not there to help.  Pauline also lives in fear that she will someday follow in her mother’s footsteps.

At the movie begins, it appears that Pauline’s fears may be coming true.  She is frequently forgetful and keeps losing her cell phone.  Her husband, Aaron (Rick Ravenello), has to frequently remind her what their nightly plans are.  Eventually, her assistant — Elizabeth (Melissa Marty) — confesses that she’s been covering up a lot of Pauline’s mistakes.  When Pauline starts to tell Elizabeth about her mother, Elizabeth reveals that Pauline has told her this story many times in the past.

Finally, when Pauline goes to see a doctor (David Alan Graf), she suddenly freaks out in the examining room and, when a man claiming to be her husband shows up to pick her up, the terrified Pauline claims that she does not know who he is.  Finally, she’s given a sedative and, when she wakes up, Aaron tells her that the man she didn’t recognize was him.

And, at first, both Aaron and Elizabeth seem to be so concerned and helpful but, as the movie progresses, you start to wonder about both of them.  They are both just a little bit too eager for Pauline to say in bed and remove herself from running the company.  Whenever Pauline says that she’s okay, Aaron replies with, “Your mother used to say that.”  And then, of course, there’s a controversial business proposal that will result in Wendy Blue Fashion shipping jobs overseas.  Aaron is all for it.  Pauline is opposed.


For the first hour or so, Dangerous Company keeps you guessing.  Is Pauline really suffering from dementia or is this all just an elaborate Gaslight-like plot?  Alicia Leigh Willis does a great job portraying Pauline’s fear and confusion and director Sheldon Larry keeps the viewers off-balance.  Of course, since this is a Lifetime movie, we shouldn’t be shocked to discover that it all actually is a plot to steal Pauline’s company but still, Dangerous Company is very good at doing what it does.

Incidentally, my favorite character was Elizabeth, the duplicitous administrative assistant.  I’ve always been of the opinion that all of us office administrators could secretly rule the country if we wanted to and I have to give full props to Elizabeth for proving me right!  You go, girl!

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