Here’s the Teaser for 11.22.63

James Franco in Dallas!?

Yes, please!

(James was actually in Dallas filming last month but I was on vacation so I missed him.)

It’s just unfortunate that James is going to be appearing in yet another rehash of the Kennedy assassination.  Allow me to turn on my sarcasm as I say that this film will probably be a totally fair and even-handed portrait of my home city and that everyone in the cast will actually try to get the local accents right (as opposed to sound like a bunch of yankees with peanut butter in their mouth).

But, ultimately, all that really matters to me is that 11.22.63 stars James Franco!  It’ll be available on Hulu starting on February 15th, 2016.

Here’s the Trailer for Midnight Special!

Just recently, I found myself wondering what had happened to Jeff Nichols’s Midnight Special?  This film was one of the most highly anticipated films of 2015 and why not?  After all, Nichols previously gave us Take Shelter and Mud.  And Midnight Special starred Michael Shannon, a great actor if there ever was one.

But then suddenly, people stopped talking about Midnight Special and I wondered where it had gone.  Well, now I have my answer.  It’s gone to March of 2016.

Usually, whenever a release date changes, that’s a bad sign but you know what?  I believe in Jeff Nichols and I believe in Michael Shannon and I can’t wait to see Midnight Special!


#LateNightMovie review: Mission Stardust

Mission Stardust: Nov 14, 2015

This is how many weeks in a row I am late with the #LateNightMovie review? At least one week, each week, lately! Tho it doesn’t show, I promise I am trying to do better!

This last week (Nov. 14, 2015) we watched ‘Mission Stardust’ and seriously, if you haven’t watched this movie, go and watch now! (link below) I found this movie again while perusing the depths of the You Tubes!



Primo Zeglio


Kurt Vogelmann (as as K.H. Vogelmann)

Sergio Donati


Langs Jeffries as Maj. Perry Rhodan

Essy Perrson as Thora

Joachim Hansen as Dr. Manoli

Sent to the Moon to to save an alien who is trying to save her race, a group of astronauts are attacked by a band of Robots.

Based on the “Perry Rhodan” * novels, which I have read several times over, I did like this movie. Actually, more than the reviews I have read, this is one of the better movies in the series. But I have to fall back on my book reading for a minute. And I know all of us book readers do this, Yes, read the book series before watching a movie. If you can’t, this movie is worth the watch. Very snarkable, but yet, not closely inlined with the book series.

*Perry Rhodan is a series of books from the German authors KH Scheer and Walter Ernsting

The quips from the LNM gang were great!

First off Kelly reminded me :

redact all boos PAtrick

and I did,Kelly!

kellythul:is that Gerald Webb? He dresses like Gerald…

But after that, I turned them back on! Booo!!!

The coolest kermits EVA!

spacex still can’t land the booster rocket like that too soon!

Pinch me, tell me I’m not dreaming… harder… now slap me and call me a dirty little boy

Well, Warren….your dreams are yours, nobody judges!

Freud would have a field day with this movie

Pinky Guerrero:
Jes #SpaghettiScifi #greatbandname

Honey, woman are always in command

Is so true, Jinni!

Bam! Pow! Pew pew pew!

Hols bringing the pew pews!

their goes a VW cheating emissions again

HAHA! Steve!

And as much as I could recap this movie, Warren did it best!

From what I can tell, the producers took 10 4th graders in Munich, told them to write 2 pages of something to do with space, then mixed up their non connected stories randomly and filmed it.

If you want to watch and see the fun…here ya can!


Thanks to Cindy, Ambie, Becs, Jes, Pinky, Kelly, Kurt, Lisa, Phil, Steve, Tammy,Warren for LateNightMovie with me again!