Why I Think ERASERHEAD Sucks!

cracked rear viewer


Call me low-brow. Call me plebian. Call me a low-brow plebian. Hell, call me Ishmael if you want, I don’t care! I just don’t like ERASERHEAD. I’ve watched the film at least a half dozen times, thinking maybe I’m missing something. Nope. ERASERHEAD to me is a tedious piece of work with nothing to offer. Don’t misunderstand, I like most all of David Lynch’s work. I know this is his first feature, but the man is capable of giving us so much better. There’s TWIN PEAKS, BLUE VELVET, THE ELEPHANT MAN, MULHOLLAND DRIVE, DUNE….okay, maybe not DUNE. It’s not Lynch’s surrealistic style that bugs me so much as there’s nothing going on here.

As for the plot…there isn’t one. Alright, I hear you out there saying it’s an “art film”, it’s the director’s commentary on the alienation of the outsider in society, blah blah blah. But the theme of the societal outcast doesn’t…

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9 responses to “Why I Think ERASERHEAD Sucks!

  1. I can’t argue with you. I didn’t care for it either. However, you do realize that now that you have posted that particular screenshot, you have to review the House Party moves, right? Or am I going to be forced to do that?

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  2. I’m not sure what I think of Eraserhead. I’ve only seen it once. I found it…interesting…but also relentlessly dreary and weird. I might watch it again some day.

    I’m also not sure what I think of David Lynch. It seems possible that he’s just playing a joke on viewers, and making a profit in the process. To that point, the first thing I saw from him was Mulholland Drive, which I really liked. I later read that the film was a hodgepodge of random unused footage from Twin Peaks, strung together to form a loose, strange narrative. Fans have debated what the film is about, and what is happening in various scenes, and how the scenes are related to each other, and to that loose, strange narrative. As it turns out, maybe the film is about nothing, and there is no thematic connection between the scenes. And maybe Lynch just laughs as he reads or hears people conjecture and debate about a nonexistent meaning.

    I still like the film quite a bit, but I wonder how calculating Lynch may be, and also whether or not he is as lazy as he is talented, just stringing together random scenes in arbitrary way, and/or conjuring up scenes off the top of his head, maybe using any available props nd making it up as he goes along, and benefitting form a sort of Emperor’s Clothes reaction from viewers. I’m not saying that is the case; just that some of his films look like that.

    Having enjoyed Mulholland Drive, I decided to watch Twin Peaks” Fire Walk with Me, hoping for something comparably interesting. But it seemed like Mulholland Drive Light – similarly inexplicable events and scenes, but little of the menacing intrigue of the later film.

    So the point (there was point to that) is that maybe Eraserhead is a result of the same type of process that yielded Mulholland Drive and Fire Walk with Me (and maybe some stoner indulgences on the part of Lynch, himself). Maybe that weird guy doing something weird with some kind of weirs machine and making sparks near the end is supposed to be God maintaining and regulating the universe. Or maybe it’s just some weird guy doing something weird with some kind of weird machine and making sparks. And the same for all the other bizarre scenes in the film.

    I’m not saying Lynch isn’t a talented, creative fellow. I just wonder if that is what is manifested in and evinced by Eraserhead, and some of his other work, or if he is sending some viewers on a thematic snipe hunt. (Have you seen “Rabbits”…?)

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    • You make some good points here. It’s entirely possible that Lynch is just a cinematic huckster out to make a buck under the guise of being an ‘avant-garde’ filmmaker, though I don’t think that’s the case. At least ‘Mullholland Drive’ had some semblance of story, disjointed as it was. ‘Blue Velvet’ is probably my favorite of Lynch’s films because it actually has a story. ‘Eraserhead’ on the other hand is just Lynch diddling in the dark, far as I’m concerned. As for ‘Rabbits’, I haven’t seen it, and from what I’ve read about it, I probably won’t waste my time. Sounds like a bad Monty Python sketch!


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