What Lisa Watched Last Night #144: A Student’s Obsession (directed by Damian Romay)

On Sunday night, I watched a Lifetime movie called A Student’s Obsession.

Life Student

Why Was I Watching It?

Well, the obvious answer that it was on Lifetime.  But even beyond that, there’s the fact that the title contained the word “obsession.”  Anytime a Lifetime film is about an obsession, it usually turns out to be pretty good.

What Was It About?

Stephanie (Louise Lombard) is a science teacher in Florida.  During a field trip to the Florida Everglades, Stephanie is kissed by her new student, James (Alex Esola).  Stephanie demands that James be transferred to another science class but it turns out that James doesn’t take rejection well.  Soon, Stephanie is being stalked but is she being stalked by James or by her creepy colleague, Richard (Richard Haylor)?  And, even more importantly, should she be concerned that her daughter, Nicole (Ella Wahlestedt), has a new boyfriend who is named Seth but looks just like James?

What Worked?

The film was enjoyably over-the-top and melodramatic.  That, after all, is what we expect from a Lifetime movie about obsession and A Student’s Obsession delivered.

What Did Not Work?

How stupid can one person be before you lose all sympathy for her?  That’s the question that you have to consider while watching this film because Stephanie does a lot of very stupid things.  Obviously, whenever it comes to a movie like this, you have to be willing to suspend your disbelief but this movie demanded that you do more than just suspend it.  In order to take this movie seriously, you had to ignore the whole concept of disbelief.  Stephanie did so many stupid things that it was next to impossible to have much sympathy for her.

Myself, I lost all sympathy for Stephanie the minute that she decided to sit in a car and have a conversation with James.  This occurred right after Stephanie had been fired because of all the rumors about her and James.  And yet, even though Stephanie knew that everyone was saying stuff that could possibly cause her to never work as a teacher again, she still decided to get in a car with James and have a conversation with him.  And, of course, the car was parked in the school parking lot so any teacher or student could have easily walked by and seen the two of them.

At that point, I said, “Okay, Stephanie — you’re too dumb for me to care about.”

“Oh my God!  Just like me!” Moments

Oh, there was so much I related to in this film and I’m not just talking about the whole experience of having to deal with creepy stalkers.  For instance, much like Stephanie, I am a runner.  I run whenever I’m stressed out and, when I’m running, I’m usually off in my own little world.  That whole scene where Stephanie nearly got run over because she wasn’t paying attention when she ran out in the middle of the road?  Done that.

(Of course, the big difference is that I yelled at the car and gave the driver the finger and everything else.  Stephanie just kind of ignores the car.)

I also related to Stephanie’s daughter, Nicole.  This was largely because Nicole was a rebellious redhead and so am I!

Lessons Learned

I should have gone to high school in Florida.  Seriously, the school was huge and the science class got to go on a totally kickass field trip to the Everglades.

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