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You all remember what happened in early May, right? All the broadcast networks presented their shiney new shows for advertisers, in something called the ‘upfronts’. They gave us their schedules, what will be airing when….*record scratch* Wait, What? Only four weeks later every thing has changed!

Let’s start with ABC.

At the up fronts, ABC had “Of Kings and Prophets” airing in their 10 pm East/ 9 Central Sunday time-slot-of-death. (Remember 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, The Gates, American Crime, Revenge? Yeah, me neither) But according to TVline, ABC has pulled “Of Kings and Prophets” for a re-cast, which, in my opinion, will mean a never air. ( Now “Quantico” which has had its own problems will move into the Sunday time-slot-of-death was originally scheduled to be Tuesday at 10 East/ 9 Central

And NBC:

Well, we were all looking forward to Melissa Georges’ heart wrenching “Heartbreakers” (sorry for the pun!) But NBC has decided to move up another Dick Wolf show in “Chicago Med.” (Okay, seriously! I am moving to Chicago and getting me a job in the PD, FD or Med field!) I digress, NBC has replaced “Heartbreakers” with “Chicago Med” on Tuesday nights, either show will get a significance bump from “The Voice” lead in. (

For FOX and CBS, let’s give them credit! So far they have stuck with their schedules. For now…all schedules are subject to change!

In get your streaming news together:

Orange Is The New Black got released a bit early; not like the orange jump suit prisoners in New York! According to Variety and other sources, you can get out of jail early, or at least watch #OITNB early!

Arrested Development! According to HitFlix, ( new episodes will be released in 2016…I only have one thing to say, Arrested Development!

In casting news:

Heroes: Reborn

Okay, I might be a lot excited about this show! But in fairness to me, I loved Heroes! But in the news, according to TVLine ( Cristine Rose will be reprising her role as Angela Petrelli. and I could not be happier.

Now, Daredevil

Yes, yes, YES! Not only will Vincent D’ be back, but according to CNN and other reports, ( Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead
) will join the cast! Ok, I might be a little excited about Shane and his killing prowess!

In Memoriam this week.

I hope I do not have to do this often!

Lisa paid an amazing tribute to one of the all time greats, Christopher Lee this week! So saddened by his passing! (

But let’s not forget Ron Moody, can Fagin ever be played again the way Ron did? ( His interpretation of Fagin always leaves me breathless! Not what Charles Dickens did, but what Ron did with Fagin! How he transformed a character!

And Ornette Coleman
The only thing I can say about this amazing man is what he said about himself…”I don’t want to get paid, I just want to get heard, that is why I am broke”!

And I will be back next week with another news round up!

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