Trailer: Chappie (Official)


District 9 introduced Neill Blomkamp to the world. People bought into that film hardcore and were soon wondering what he would be doing next. Some fans of Blomkamp who have been following his career since he was first chosen by Peter Jackson to helm the now defunct Halo film thought he now had the leverage to get the film made. This was never going to happen.

The follow-up to District 9 was Elysium and the visuals that was slowly released for the film and having Matt Damon star in it gave it some major buzz and hype. The finished product was more than just a tad disappointing.

Was Elysium a hiccup?

People will find out on March 6, 2015 if this was indeed just a blip on the rising career of Neill Blomkamp as his third feature film, Chappie, will arrive in theaters.

3 responses to “Trailer: Chappie (Official)

    • From what I’ve read this trailer definitely quite misleading in how it portrays the film. I guess Sony decided to focus more on the Pinocchio aspect of the narrative instead of the violence that Blomkamp has become adept at using to help tell his stories.

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      • That’s interesting. There’s a little bit of violence in the trailer but it’s definitely skewed towards the Pinocchio aspect as you say. Could this be related to spoilers I wonder, or just a clever marketing tactic?


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