An Election Day Blast From The Past: Betty Boop For President


Here in the States, it’s Election Day!  Have you voted yet?

Now, I understand why you may not want to vote.  The candidates aren’t inspiring.  None of the issues seem to have much to do with your life.  Washington never changes.  Blah blah blah.  All I know is that it’s been raining here all day and I still took the time to vote!  So there!

Myself, I’m in Texas and we pretty much already know who is going to win all of the elections down here.  However, if I lived in California’s 24th Congressional District, I definitely would have voted for Chris Mitchum for Congress.  Why?  Because he’s Robert Mitchum’s son, of course!

(And he looks a lot like his father too!)

And, just in the interest of bipartisanship, I hope that Clay Aiken does well in his race up in North Carolina because my ultimate hope is that we’ll eventually have a Congress that is completely made up of reality show contestants and retired grindhouse movie actors.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Anyway!  As you watch the election results come in and you either get really happy or really depressed, why not take a trip back to the 1932 with this cartoon Betty Boop For President?  If nothing else, it proves that dysfunctional politics existed before 2014 and will continue to exist long after 2014.


27 Days of Old School: #4 “You Got It All” (by The Jets)


“You must have been heaven sent.”

This is the song that ushered me from junior high and straight into high school. Again, much of the music that kids my of my age in 1986 just fell in love with The Jets’ ballad “You Got It All”.

There was something very earnest about this song even for a kid. There’s nothing cynical about the message in the lyrics and it helps that the group’s lead vocalist, Elizabeth Wolfgramm, just killed it. Here’s the kicker….Elizabeth was just 12-years old when she sang this song with the rest of the group (literally her brothers and sisters). Even 28 years since having first heard of this song it still resonates in this cynical man’s heart.

“You Got It All” definitely brings back fond memories of being a kid and just entering those teenage years when anything was possible. I don’t want to be that cliched old man who rails against the music of today’s youth, but one must admit that this song from The Jets has more heart and soul than most of what kids these days are listening to.

Now, you kids get off my porch while I listen to my stories!