Horror on TV: Twilight Zone 1.8 “Time Enough At Last”



In this early episode of The Twilight Zone, poor and meek Henry Bemis (Burgess Meredith) is literally the last man on Earth and that suits him just fine. He finally has time to read everything that he’s always wanted to read. This episode is best remembered for Burgess Meredith’s eccentric lead performance and the somewhat mean-spirited twist ending.

5 responses to “Horror on TV: Twilight Zone 1.8 “Time Enough At Last”

  1. That episode has always made me cry….even to this day, I STILL cry when I see that. I guess it’s cause I LOVE books so much…..it really hits me, even more so now that I wear glasses like Henry Bemis does. I often picture myself as him, sitting on the rubble of a library somewhere with stacks and stacks of books around me……holding my broken glasses in my hands and crying: “It’s not fair!!!!!! It’s not fair at all!!!!! There was time now!!!! All the time in the world!!!”



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  3. I love this episode. Henry Bemis(Burgess Meredith) plays a great character, a compulsive reader who survives a nuclear bomb . The scenes before the bomb contain some good laughs. One example is when Henry’s boss gets annoyed at him for reading on the job. Henry then explains how his wife never lets him read at home and how she yanks the newspaper from him everytime he reads it. Notice the smile forming on Henry’s boss’s face when he’s telling him this. Henry’s boss then clearly explains how he’s on Henry’s wife’s side and not his. Henry then gets more grief from his wife at home. Here comes the big change in the story. The bomb goes off while Henry has shut himself in the bank vault to read on his break. Here comes the compelling, enthralling part of the episode. When he comes out, he notices everything everywhere destroyed and no living human beings left. The rest of the episode is how Henry gets through this. The last scene is the infamous scene all of us twilight fans know. Another one of many great twilight episodes.


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