Scenes I Love: Noah


One of the best films (at least in this blogger’s honest opinion) of the year also happens to be one of it’s most controversial. It’s Darren Aronofsky’s follow-up to his equally critically-acclaimed and just as controversial Black Swan. I am speaking of his Biblical epic Noah and the story of the Flood.

It’s a film that doesn’t feel religious yet full of spirituality. It’s a film that dares to take a look at text seen as hallowed by billions in a way that doesn’t take a stand on the debate of science versus religion (though some feel that Aronofsky’s atheist background paints the film on the side of science). Noah has a scene in the beginning of it’s third act (one that some have called the dealbreaker for how they thought of the film in the end) that best exemplifies the conjoining of science and religion. It’s the best retelling of the Creation Story that I’ve heard and/or seen.

Courtesy of Protozoa Pictures…The Creation scene from Noah.

3 responses to “Scenes I Love: Noah

    • Oh, I’m with you on the thngs about Noah that wasn’t spot-on great. But like all of Aronofsky’s films the flaws themselves tend to add a uniqueness to his films that puts it beyond it’s many genre trappings. Put Noah in the hands of someone like Ridley Scott or David Fincher and you may get a much more polished, visually-stunning film, but it would also be less thought-provoking and rabble-rousing.

      Even the scene I chose could be seen by those on the Evolution or Creationist side as championing their argument when it does neither.


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