Denzel Washington Will Kill People In September

I love Denzel Washington.

Not only is he a great actor who can seemingly play just about any role but, by all reports, he’s also apparently a pretty nice guy off-screen as well.  He has such a natural and likable screen presence that he can even make a potentially problematic film, like last year’s Flight, compelling and watchable.  My friend Jake Moore once said that Denzel was the closest thing that we have to a modern-day Jimmy Stewart and I happen to agree.

Yes, I love Denzel.  I just wish he wasn’t always killing people in the movies.

Don’t get me wrong.  Denzel makes for a believable action hero and it makes sense that, if your hero is going to be killing everyone he meets, you would want him to be played by an actor who can actually be likable while murdering.

It’s just that Denzel Washington is such a good actor that sometimes, it’s a shame to see him in generic action films where he often seems to be playing characters that could be played by just about any actor.  Washington always gives a good performance and brings a lot of charm to the proceedings but that doesn’t change the fact that his role in Safe House could have just as easily been played by Jason Statham.

Add to that, I’m growing bored with film violence.  Whenever I see a trailer for a new action film, I often have the same reaction that I had when I first saw the trailer for Jack Reacher.  “Really?” I think to myself, “Am I supposed to pretend to be excited about this?”

My feelings aside, it doesn’t look like things are going to change anytime soon.  And perhaps as proof, here’s the trailer for Denzel Washington’s new film, The Equalizer.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure Denzel gives a great performance here and the film might even be entertaining when taken on its own terms.

It’s just that it all feels so generic.