Horror On The Lens: The Little Shop of Horrors (dir by Roger Corman)


So, guess what?

Originally, we were going to feature an Italian film called Dawn of the Mummy today.  It’s the world’s only zombie/mummy hybrid and you guys would have loved it!  Or maybe not.  I have to admit that I don’t really love it.  It’s actually a pretty bad movie but, at the same time, how many times do you get to see a movie that features both a mummy and zombies?

However, last night, the YouTube account that was hosting Dawn of the Mummy was deleted.


So, instead of showing you Dawn of the Mummy, we’re going to show you the original Little Shop of Horrors.  It’s true that we featured Little Shop last Halloween but, oh well.  It’s a fun little movie, especially when you consider that Roger Corman filmed it in 3 days.  Jack Nicholson gets all the attention for playing a masochistic dental patient but I think the best performance is given by flower-eating Dick Miller.

From 1960, enjoy the original (non-musical) Little Shop of Horrors!

(However, speaking of the musical, I was in a community theater production of Little Shop of Horrors when I was 19.  I so should have been cast as Audrey but instead, I was just a member of the “ensemble.”  Bleh!  Anyway, our director showed us the original Little Shop of Horrors and I was the only member of the cast to understand that Corman’s film was superior to the musical version.  That said, I still tear up whenever I hear “Somewhere that’s green.”)

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