Horror On The Lens: House on Haunted Hill (dir by William Castle)

House on Haunted Hill

With only two days left to go until we reach Halloween, now seems like the perfect time to watch a classic Vincent Price haunted house film.  I’m talking, of course, about the original House On Haunted Hill.

Released in 1959, House On Haunted Hill tells the story of how an eccentric millionaire (played by Vincent Price, of course) rented out a “haunted” mansion for a party. invited over five guests, and offered each of them $10,000 on the condition that they manage to spend the entire night in the house.  Along for the ride is Price’s unhappy wife (Carol Ohmart) and the house’s wonderfully neurotic caretaker (played by Elisha Cook, Jr, who played a lot of neurotic caretakers over the course of his long career).

House on Haunted Hill remains one of the classic B-movies.  This is largely because of Price’s wonderfully over-the-top lead performance and William Castle’s equally over-the-top direction.

Back in 1959, theaters were equipped so that a plastic skeleton would appear to fly over the heads of the audience during some of the film’s more shocking moments.  So, grab yourself a skeleton, take a seat, and enjoy House on Haunted Hill!

One response to “Horror On The Lens: House on Haunted Hill (dir by William Castle)

  1. It’s about time we get Vincent doing what he does best! 🙂

    I watched this with my mother on TV about 10 years ago, right around Halloween. We both enjoyed it. Good clean fun.

    What a singular presence Vincent Price was. Love that guy.


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