6 Trailers From The Trailer Kitties

Hi!  As I write this, I am sick and miserable.  I’ve spent almost all of today in bed and I imagine that I’ll do the same tomorrow.  Hopefully, I’ll feel better on Tuesday.  However, just because I’m sick, I’m not going to let that stop me from offering up another edition of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse and Exploitation Film Trailers.

Since I’m sick, I sent the Trailer Kitties out to round up 6 trailers for this post.  Let’s see what they came back with.

1) The Uncanny (1977)

I can guess why the Trailer Kitties selected this trailer.

2) Twice Dead (1988)

According to the Trailer Kitties, twice as dead means twice as much fun.  Cats are like that.

3) Nature of the Beast (1995)

I’m not really sold on this “trailer” but the Trailer Kitties saw that Eric Roberts was in it so they go it into their feline heads that this might be a prequel to The Dark Knight.

4) The Phantom of the Mall (1989)

Fortunately, the Trailer Kitties are bilingual.

5) Black Roses (1989)

Trailers like this one make me doubt the judgment of the Trailer Kitties.

6) In Love (1983)

Believe it or not, this classy-looking trailer is apparently for a hardcore, X-rated film.  For that reason, the trailer itself has been rather heavily edited but I’m still going to include it because I like the song that plays over the action.  (That said, I’m not real happy about my Trailer Kitties viewing this type of material…)

What do you think, Trailer Kitties? paranoid trailer kitty

One response to “6 Trailers From The Trailer Kitties

  1. LOL, foreground trailer kitty giving the one in the background that look that says, “Don’t tell Lisa Marie that we watching materials we’re not suppose to.”


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