Trailer: Branded (Official)

Lisa Marie mentioned a particular film trailer that she sawfor a film coming out soon that reminded her of a classic John Carpenter scifi film. This film was Brandedand from looking at it’s official trailer one does see some major similarities between this Russian/American scifi production with the Carpenter subversive scifi film.

The premise looks and sounds interesting but I must admit that the CG aliens/monsters/overlords look to be very subpar in comparison to most CG-effects work nowadays. Another note of interest is that it stars Leelee Sobieski who was once seen by Hollywood as a rising superstar when she first hit the scene over a decade ago. I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything of note until this trailer came along.

Now I won’t say that this film is a straight rip-off of Carpenter’s They Livebut if it includes an extended scene between two men fighting it out in an alley then I shall declare shenanigans.

Branded is set for a September 7, 2012 release date.

One response to “Trailer: Branded (Official)

  1. This is one of the worst trailers that I’ve seen. Why is it that supposedly “intelligent” science fiction pictures seem custom made for the sort of audiences who won’t give a damn about any sort of allegorical material, not matter how hard this films tries to make its point?

    My intelligence was insulted within 30 seconds of watching this trailer. Max von Sydow’s pension cheques must be made of rubber, but that’s besides the point. Now I’m accustomed to films being, well, “derivative”, but this has so much “They Live” in it, John Carpenter ought to sue for 100 percent of this film’s worldwide gross (which most likely won’t be much).

    There’s a perfectly pristine 35mm print of “They Live” sitting inside the Univeristy of Harvard film library. I know, because I’ve seen it. Apparently, next-to-nobody borrows it for screenings. It’s sitting there gathering dust. Fortunately, the NFSA in Australia had the good sense to fly this over for a screening last year. It’s the only print of “They Live” that the NFSA could find in the whole world. Instead of making crud like “Branded” (or is that “Braindead”?), they ought to replicate 35mm prints of “They Live” and give the film some type of revival.

    In case you’ve not guessed, “They Live” is one of my favourite moion pictures. It actually irritates me how few people (relatively speaking) have seen it. It’s more relevant now than ever before.


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