Trailer: Mass Effect 3 – N7 Collector’s Edition Details

BioWare’s Mass Effect scifi rpg series has been a hit right from the start. The first two titles in the planned trilogy for the series (some have been calling it the Cmdr. Shepard Trilogy) have been received with a near universal acclaim for gameplay and it’s unique way of storytelling. In my opinion, this series has been one of the few which has begun to bridge the gap between gaming and storytelling where both have become integral part in making the series a success.

The third game has been one of the most-anticipated titles by gaming fans everywhere and just months away from release. The trailer above shows all the cool extras for those who pre-order the very limited N7 Collector’s Edition which will ship with the regular version of Mass Effect 3. Some of the extras mentioned seem more like fun fluff, but the classified extra character and the mission attached to them will be one of the highlights not to mention the robotic Geth-looking dog and the extra exclusive weapons.

Mass Effect 3: N7 Collector’s Edition is set for a March 9, 2012 release date with a price of $80.00.

You can be damned skippy sure that I’ve gotten my pre-order all confirmed and paid off.