Trailer: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

I love films, all films, in general but if there’s one particular film genre that really floats my boat then it would be in the horror category. This summer will see the release of a title that I’ve been anticipating since I heard about it at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The film I speak of is the remake of the 1973 tv horror film of the same name: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

While Troy Nixey takes the director’s chair for this film he’s working on a story written by Guillermo Del Toro who’s been known to dabble in the horror genre (Cronos, The Devil’s Backbone). Del Toro promised a horror film that would bring back horror the way it’s meant to be and that’s with genuine scares and not horror predicated on torture and extreme use of gore. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark will be a throwback to the atmospheric, almost gothic horror, that reached it’s peak during the late 70’s before the slasher boom hit.

The film has been delayed several times as Miramax Films was sold by Disney and the restructuring of the studio after it’s owners finalized it’s purchase put the film on the backburner. It now has an official August 26, 2011 release and it looks like the film got an R-rating from the MPAA for “pervasive scariness”. While Del Toro, Nixey and the rest of the film crew were hoping for a PG-13 rating the one given by the MPAA who seemed to really enjoy said “pervasive scariness” recommended it go out as an R-rated horror (one with little to no gore).

So, we have an upcoming horror film by an upcoming filmmaker handpicked by Del Toro. A film written by Del Toro himself and one which just got an R-rating which made Del Toro as happy as a clam. Plus, it’s a horror film that relies on genuine scares and not gore. My answer to that is August 26, 2011 cannot come sooner.

7 responses to “Trailer: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

  1. I remember the original TV movie (old bastard). It was a fun but quite creepy little movie, due largely to the weird and fascinating antagonists. I won’t go into detail, so as to avoid spoiling this new version for those unfamiliar with the premise.

    This would seem an unusual source for a remake, but it seems that it made an impression on quite a few people, including me. It was surprisingly effective, for precisely the reasons you referenced as Del Toro’s goal (as well as the unique plot). I share your enthusiasm for this intent regarding the style and tone of the horror.

    Del Toro seems to have introduced a child as the object of “interest” – it was the wife in a childless couple in the original film. We’ll have to see if that helps or hurts the story.

    Genuine horror through atmosphere and good storytelling… Man, that would be refreshing. I’m really looking forward to this.


  2. Oh. My. GOD! Seriously, I’ve seen the trailer for this film a few times and I hate it because that last part where she’s crawling around underneath the covers scares me to death everytime! Like seriously scares and frightens and disturbs me and when I see it, I start to whimper all pathetic-like. I’ll be honest, I don’t even know how that little sequence ends because everytime I see her crawling around under there, I’m just like, “Something’s bad coming to jump out of the screen any moment now,” and everytime we’ve seen the trailer, I’ve ended up grabbing Jeff and burying my head in his shoulder and closing my eyes tight until he tells me that it’s over. Seriously, the trailer for this movie is the only one that has ever given me a nightmare.

    This time, I ended up pausing the trailer right at the 2:20 mark. And I’m not going to unpause it either.

    In fact, I might have to hold a contest on either here or twitter. The winner gets to go with me and Jeff and my best friend Evelyn and my sisters Erin, Melissa, and Megan and my cat Doc and my boss and my neighbors and everyone else I’ve ever known (you better believe I’m getting the whole crew together if I go to see this) to see this movie. I want as many people there as possible to protect me.


  3. I was a little skeptical of this having grown up on the original, but damn. This may very well warrant a Midnight showing. 🙂


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