Catherine: Trailer (PS3/Xbox360)

Atlus is one Japanese video game company who seem to have gained quite the rabid and dedicated fan following despite never having released a game that sold in the millions of units. They’re titles are considered by gamers as being very “Japanese”. This is probably why those in the US and Europe who love their games also happen to be major fans of anime, manga and many other Japanese pop culture.

One game being developed  and published by Atlus that was announced sometime in 2010 was the puzzle-platformer/action adventure game Catherine. Right from the get-go Atlus fans were clamoring for more info on the game and when it would be localized for a North American and European release. When the game was just weeks away from it’s Japanese release date news came down from Atlus themselves that there was no plans at the moment to release the game outside of Japan.

To say that Atlus fans were heartbroken would be an understatement. While they could still import the game that would mean higher price due to import shipping fees.

Fortunately, this stance suddenly changed and on March 1st of 2011 the company announced that they were officially releasing the game for North America and with a release date of July 26, 2011. This news was greeted with joy by Atlus fans and some grumblings from those who shelled out the extra cash to import the game.

Catherine is a game that one might call one with “adult” themes and subject matter. It because of this that some call it quite “Japanese” since they’re more willing to release games that are adult in nature without resorting to violence as the foundation. While the game is not one of those eroge titles (erotic game) it is one that should definitely be bought and played only by those who are old enough to buy M-Rated titles.

The game will follow the similar Japanese release pattern and come out with different covers for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. The game is still set for a July 26, 2011 release.

4 responses to “Catherine: Trailer (PS3/Xbox360)

  1. I don’t see that making it out here before the Powers That Be intervene. If it does, though, I may pick it up just because it could be pulled from shelves. 🙂


    • I highly doubt it’ll get pulled from the shelves. It’s a niche game and unless Atlus starts doing adverts on primetime then it’ll remain people who’ve been waiting for it who stays the target audience.


  2. lol, I may have to get Erin this for her birthday just so I can play it and be all bicurious-like. 🙂

    (And then I’ll write a review of it and I’ll call it “Lisa Marie On Being Bisexual” and we’ll see how much search engine traffic that brings in…)

    Actually, I like the second trailer because it has a giallo feel to it, I’m thinking of the old school early 70s giallo like Lizard in a Woman’s Skin and The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh and Forbidden Photographs of a Lady Above Suspicion. These films always had these odd BDSM-themed, Fruedian dream sequences and they always seemed to have a scene or two of the male protaganist hunched over, deep in thought, while smoking a cigarette.


    • Actually, the designer of the game and lead writer mention Italian giallo as an influence. The whole game goes back and forth between reality and dream. The first cover is of the game’s Catherine. She’s the game’s mysterious femme fatale very open with her sexuality. The second cover is of Katherine. She’s the protagonist’s more grounded girlfriend and soon-to-be fiancee. From what I’ve read of the game it’s all about whether Catherine is real or not. Or maybe it’s Katherine who is the dream. Either way it’s no coincidence why the two women in the game share similar names.


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