AMV of the Day: Something Fishy (Bumblebee Tuna AMV)

I’ll readily admit, I’m not a huge fan of AMVs.  Don’t get me wrong, when they’re good, they’re really fun and entertaining to watch.  The thing is, 99% of AMVs suck.  Seriously, most of them are just a mashup of some fan’s favorite scenes from an anime put to a song they like that really don’t fit together.  But, the ones that are good, tend to be really good.  You can tell when someone takes the time and the effort to put together something that they can be proud of.

This AMV is one of those good ones.  There hasn’t been anyone yet that I’ve shown this to that hasn’t gotten hopelessly hooked on it.  It’s the perfect blend of a high energy song, clips that make sense with the words of the song, and really good editing.  It was made by JaddziaDax, but I’m not certain where it premiered at.  All I do know is that it is impossible to watch this and not wind up singing along on the subsequent playthroughs.  And there will be subsequent playthroughs.  The first time I watched it, I immediately had to play it again, and again, and before I knew it I was on my fifth consecutive viewing.  Now that’s a sign of a good AMV!  So, feel free to watch this, but just be forewarned, you might not be able to look at a can of Bumblebee Tuna without thinking of this AMV again.