Scenes I Love: Orphan – “Max’s Silent Bedtime Story”

The snow has me stuck inside today, so we’re going through different horror movies today. While going through some of the movies that were on, a Twitter friend mentioned the movie “Orphan”, which was reviewed here at the Shattered Lens a year ago. I know we’re doing horror this month, but I’ll get back to that a little later. This reminded me of my favorite scene in that movie, one that is neither scary nor fitting for Halloween, but still stayed with me.

In this scene, Vera Farmiga and Aryana Engineer, play a mother and daughter who share a bedtime story. Farmiga and the cast learned sign language in the film, and Engineer helped them along the way (who is hearing impaired herself). This ended up with what I felt was a very sweet scene. The sound is cut for the audience as well, but it’s really not needed. The message between the two is quite heartfelt. Enjoy.

Unfortunately, embedding isn’t allowed for this particular video, but it’s worth seeing.