AMV of the Day: Ash vs Gary (Pokemon)

For the first AMV entry for 2013 and the latest in a long series I’ve decided to go for nostalgia to dictate my choice instead of quality (though I will say the video does it’s job well in matching the song used). Anyone who grew up during the late 90’s and early 2000’s have heard, seen and/or obsessed over the Japanese pop-culture phenomenon simply called Pokemon.

I was already an adult and I was caught up in the hurricane that was Pokemon when it swept through the West in the late 1990’s. Hell, I pretty much played most of the different color editions of the game on the Game Boy and it’s subsequent handhelds. I’m even proud to say that my two favorite Pokemons were Pikachu and Togepi. But that’s a different matter altogether. Today it’s all about the AMV titled “Ash vs. Gary”.

The video uses the very fight-like song “Remember the Name” by Ft. Minor to highlight the Pokemon battle match between the two rivals. As we can see in the video the two use many different Pokemons in their collection to battle it out. Their battle lasts until they each just have one Pokemon left and it’s a sudden death match that many fans of the show fondly remembers. In one corner is Gary’s fully evolved Blastoise (which is the final evolved version of the starter Pokemon Squirtle) and in the other corner is Ash’s tempermental Charizard (the final evolved form of the starter Pokemon Charmander).

Really, there’s nothing left to say other than enjoy the video and take a glimpse into a nostalgic trip down my own memory lanes.

Anime: Pokemon

Song: “Remember the Name” by Ft. Minor feat. Styles of Beyond

Creator: Logan8703

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AMV of the Day: Remember the Name (One Piece)

[Marineford spoilers]

Just a little over a year ago a post was put up by resident anime/manga writer pantsukudasai56 in regards to what constitutes as the “Anime of the Decade”. He settled on Oda Eiichiro’s One Piece series both in its manga and anime form. It’s truly the one piece of entertainment in any form that could honestly call itself as epic. It’s an anime which is now nearing 600-episodes and there’s no slowing down in it’s quality and amount of storylines to be told. The latest series of “AMV of the Day” will share in that each amv used One Piece as the foundation to the video.

The first in this series is called “Remember the Name” by PixelCreekAMVs and like most in the series it will include scenes from the excellent “Marineford” story-arc which aired earlier this year. For those who have never watched an episode of One Piece wouldn’t be spoiled by what transpire in this video, but for those who do and haven’t reached the series to this point in the episode listings should be careful about clicking the video. Other than that piece of warning the video itself is quite a fun one.

It’s not the cleanest looking AMV (subtitles, opening and closing credits animation, etc), but in sheer scope of fun and showing One Piece at it’s most bizarre and ludicrous then this video definitely succeeds. It uses the very popular song “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor (feat. Styles of Beyond) from a couple years back. PixelCreekAMVs does a great job of giving each crew member of Monkey D. Luffy’s pirate ship a chance to shine in the video. He also does a great job of picking the right scenes for each line of lyric that the roughness of the overall look of the video becomes nitpicking.

As a recent convert to One Piece this AMV definitely a good way to show the show at it’s most fun and, maybe, even make some newbies to the series want to keep watching or start on it.

Anime: One Piece

Song: “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor feat. Styles of Beyond

Creator: PixelCreekAMVs