Music Video of the Day: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift (2014, dir. Mark Romanek)

Since I did Beck yesterday, I was obligated to do a Taylor Swift music video today since the two were brought together through the power of Kayne West.

This is the first music video from the current decade that I have done so far. I wish I was more familiar with recent music videos, but the first thing that came to mind was Limp Bizkit’s My Way except not stupid because it was directed by Mark Romanek rather than Fred Durst. My Way is that music video where they seemed to have no idea what they were going to do, so they had the band in a bunch of generic music videos that could have been done, and mixed it with a version that had the band in a simple fashion at the center of it all. In Shake It Off, that would be when she appears in a black top and bottoms.

Since it is off the 1989 album, I also thought that the different sections of the video tie-in to things that have struck Swift’s interest during her lifetime.

I also picked up that instead of it being Taylor Swift’s way or the highway, they were trying to bring the spirit of the song to a playful music video, and nothing more.

According to Wikipedia, a whole bunch of people reviewed the music video like it was the latest movie to premiere during the weekend. Romanek seems to largely agree with me by saying that “we simply chose styles of dance that we thought would be popular and amusing, and cast the best dancers that were presented to us without much regard or ethnicity” and that “if you look carefully, it’s a massively inclusive piece, it’s very, very innocently and positively intentioned. And–let’s remember–it’s a satirical piece. It’s playing with a whole range of music video tropes and cliches and stereotypes.” In other words, he made a better version of Limp Bizkit’s My Way.

Tyce Diorio was the choreographer. He has also worked as an actor, appearing in movies like Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993) and Showgirls (1995).

Paul Martinez edited this music video.

John Emmons was the medic. There’s a credit first for me on a music video.

Samantha Abrams, Marisa Hood, and Katherine Way were backup dancers.