Film Review: Turkish Star Wars/The Man Who Saves the World/Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam (1982, dir. Çetin Inanç)


Well, it wouldn’t be right to let a Star Wars month go by without reviewing two of the most infamous Star Wars knockoff movies. This is the Turkish one best known for its training montage. I swear I haven’t heard the theme from Raiders Of The Lost Ark more times in my life then I did watching this movie. The movie is like watching something sci-fi fans in 1982 would have made by mashing together their favorite stuff. The two main things it combines are Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica.


A voiceover provides the setup of the movie while it literally shows footage from Star Wars in the background. I’d make a joke here about the effects looking better than the special editions, but I’m not that much of a fan. Oh, and it goes on for quite awhile it seems. Let me try to paraphrase here. People left Earth and scattered across the galaxy. A struggle to discover the secret of immortality ensued. Despite all this talk about people leaving Earth, there is apparently still an Earth tribe. However, then it says Earth was destroyed. Okay, whatever. Wait, maybe I can’t paraphrase this cause it makes NO SENSE!!!!


Okay, all you need to know is here’s Cüneyt Arkin who apparently also wrote the screenplay for this.


Here’s his friend played by none other than Aytekin Akkaya AKA Turkish Captain America.


After getting shot down by stock footage from Star Wars, they find themselves on a desolate planet with this bad guy who looks like he belongs in a Turkish Flash Gordon movie.


They begin to wander. His friend thinks they might have landed on a planet inhabited by nothing but women. Turkish Captain America thinks he’s a ladies man in this. They see stock footage of the Sphinx, Pyramids, and hieroglyphics. Then the voiceover kicks in saying they were seeing things that look like another civilization that must have fought an unknown power and enemy millions of years ago. This part made me think of Stargate. Of course it doesn’t take long for them to attract some attention from some weird skeleton-like creatures. And this movie doesn’t disappoint. You get to see plenty of Cüneyt Arkin and Turkish Captain America leaping all over the place.




When you’ve fought weird skeleton things, you just gotta follow it up with reject sand people.



And Cylons!


Then they spot the people of this planet. There’s this guy…


who jumps off there for reasons I still don’t understand. Now we meet Turkish Robbie The Robot.


Oh, and Turkish Robbie The Robot doesn’t mess around.


After several of these Turkish Mad Max: Fury Road guys…


kill some people, Arkin and his friend decide to really fight. All you need to know is there’s a blonde with a kid that you’ll see throughout the movie and the bad guy from Turkish First Blood and Turkish Rambo is here as their leader.

After a little conversation, their leader drops the bomb on Arkin and his friend.



Yep, the 13th tribe. This is apparently a piece of Earth controlled by “the Wizard”. The Wizard being the Flash Gordon guy.

Since this is by the same director of Turkish First Blood, there are of course zombies for, um, reasons?


A fight ensues and Arkin and company are sent to go to the “Green Valley” cause, well, I have no idea what this line means, but here it is.


Yep, you apparently need strong body and believer head for fighting with Nimrod.

After the bad guy severs the heads of several zombies, he creates Turkish Abominable Snowman.


There’s some weird stuff that happens here with dead bodies, but who cares because…


it’s time to punch some fucking rocks!!!

Here are some highlights.





Not sure why the punching rocks thing happens considering Arkin will get gauntlets later. No, not Turkish Wolverine gauntlets, but gauntlets none the less. However, I do know why this happens.




It’s cause you will see Arkin fly around in this movie a lot. They made good use of trampolines in this film.

Now while this may be gone by the time you read this because of the music used, here is the full scene in all of it’s glory!

I don’t care how they make it happen, but I want to see Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford punch some rocks. Even if it’s just an extra they do on the DVD release. This needs to happen!

Now we go to the Turkish version of the bar scene. No worries about who shot first here because it just leads to a fight breaking out with one of the saddest costumes I’ve ever seen.


There’s also this guy who looks like he got lost on the way to a Turkish Kung Fu movie.


The bad guy shows up to say this…


and take them to his lair. After traveling through some stock footage they arrive.


Turkish Captain America meets this lady who is the queen of the planet, but will play basically no role in the film. Her and the bad guy seem to think the key to ultimate power and immortality is the human brain. After explaining his plan, Arkin gets this look on his face.


Gotta give the man credit. I’ve seen in him several of these now and he does do one of the best “I’m not happy and about to beat the crap out of everyone in the room” look. And he does just that. He even severs a guys arm and stabs him with it.


Badass! Of course people move in on Turkish Captain America and he joins in the fight. Unfortunately, it’s not enough and now we get to a scene that rivals the Black Widow capture and the inclines in Turkish First Blood and Turkish Rambo for the least inconvenient character inconveniences. The bad guy tries to bury them alive. Yeah, that’s going to work with these two guys. Of course it doesn’t and they simply pop back up out of the dirt.


By the way, throughout all of this stuff is the Star Wars, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Battlestar Galactica, Flash Gordon, and other popular themes on the soundtrack.

Now we’re outside again for who knows what real reason. Doesn’t matter. It means it’s time for Arkin to battle the Snowman by jumping all over the place.


Turkish Captain America gets in on the action, but isn’t very successful and gets captured again.

Now is the time for another exposition dump. This is the first of two sequences that are quite confusing. I am obviously watching this with fan subs so it could be that, but I don’t think so. The leader of the humans tells a story that basically amounts to a sci-fi retelling of how Muslims in Arabia kept science alive while Europe plunged into darkness. He says his people are from “Islam, the greatest tribe and an established community that lived on Earth.” Makes sense, it’s a Turkish movie after all. Well, at least it makes sense at this point in the film. It won’t make sense later though. However, he does say that Muslims are a guardian of religions. I’d think this is just a typo, but given what comes up soon, I’m not sure. It probably has to do with the fact that Islam is the third in the Abrahamic faiths which doesn’t exclude the stuff that came before Mohammed. Christ himself is considered a prophet. It’s most likely a part of this film’s ultimate message of unity and peace among people.

After some fighting and…


a scene that has Turkish Captain America in Turkish A Clockwork Orange, Arkin and blonde go into the tunnels to find the sword of power. This is when we get stuff that I’m really not sure of. Apparently, the faithful went underground with Jesus as their guide. This place includes Christian religious imagery too.


You can kind of think of this as Indy going through a holy place to find something at the end that will help him. Then we get a little backstory on how the Wizard emerged from these people with an obsession for immortality. I’m really not sure if this is supposed to mean the people on the surface were separate from those underground or not. It’s confusing and I would want someone like Ed Glaser who makes a lot of videos about Turkish films to explain it to me.

All that’s really important, which is something often said when talking about Turkish Star Wars, is that Arkin has the sword and is ready to deal out some justice.


Even the Cylons have trouble because Arkin can block bullets with that thing.

After the movie drops it’s English title into the film…


Turkish Captain America just casually knocks out Arkin.


Once again, all you need to know about what happens next is Turkish Captain America gets fooled and Arkin has to come to the rescue. Sadly, Turkish Captain America is killed. Arkin gets the sword of power again and melts it down into gauntlets.


Now the movie just becomes an action sequence with a lot of Arkin jumping. Seriously, I think his jumping rivals the slow motion falling down in Brazilian Star Wars. All of this is going on while Earth is threatened with destruction and I guess is destroyed?




No time for that oddity. Just more action.






After defeating the bad guy, Arkin says goodbye, and flies off in the Millennium Falcon.vlcsnap-2015-12-05-18h35m36s904

That’s it! It really is like watching something that was thrown together by sci-fi fans. It certainly is quite a mess, but a fun mess. A fun mess with some of the best movie scores of the time. Even if they were lifted. I do recommend this. Don’t know if I could watch it again, but it is fun to watch once.


What If Aytekin Akkaya Played Captain America?

3devadamThough he may be the most successful, Chris Evans is not the first actor to have played the role of Captain America.  As befits a character that has been around since World War II, Cap has been played by several different actors over the years.  Before Chris Evans and the character became a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the role was played by Matt Salinger.  Before Matt Salinger, there was Reb Brown.  Before Reb Brown, there was Ayetkin Akkaya.  Before Aytekin Akkaya, there was Dick Purcell and…

Wait!  Aytekin who!?

Aytekin Akkaya is the actor who played Captain America in the Turkish film, 3 Dev Adam (also known as Three Mighty Men, Turkish Spider-man, and Turkish Captain America and Santo vs. Spider-Man).   Produced in an alternative universe where there is no such thing as copyright law, 3 Dev Adam is perhaps the strangest Captain America film that you will ever see.

What_If-_Vol_1_193 Dev Adam reminds me of the old Marvel series, What If?  What If showed what would have been the result if certain events in Marvel continuity had happened differently.  A typical issue would have a title like What If Ben Parker Had Not Died or What If Magneto Killed Professor Xavier or What If Rob Liefeld And Jim Lee Had Not Been Hired For Heroes Reborn?  Regardless of the question, the answer was almost always that a hero would have turned into a villain and everyone would be dead by the end of the issue.  3 Dev Adam could have easily been called What If Spider-Man Was A Psychotic Serial Killer?

The film opens with a screaming woman being buried up to her neck in sand.  An evil criminal demands information from her and, when he does not get it, he has her killed with a boat propeller.  Who is this psycho?  None other than your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!  However, this Spider-Man is not Peter Parker or Miles Morales.  He is not even Ben Reilly.  This Spider-Man is a serial killer who steals valuable antiques, sells them to collectors, and then buys them back with counterfeit money.  He does not climb walls or listen to his spidey sense.  Instead of shooting webs, he attacks with a switchblade.  Instead of making jokes and worrying about Aunt May, this Spider-Man laughs and feeds one incompetent subordinate to a hungry gerbil.  This Spider-Man has no Mary Jane Watson or Gwen Stacy in his life.  Instead, he has a girlfriend named Nadia.  When he has sex with her, they are watched by three laughing puppets.

3DEV+2Spider-Man has committed numerous murders in Istanbul.  The police are powerless to stop him so the authorities ask for international help.  The United States sends Captain America and his girlfriend Julia.  Mexico sends famous wrestler Santo.  When the three of them first show up at the Istanbul airport, a snippet of the score from Diamonds Are Forever is heard, reminding us that almost everything in this movie has been stolen.

There are some differences between the Captain that we all know and the Captain played by Aytekin Akkaya.  Akkaya’s Captain America does wear a red, white, and blue costume but he does not carry a shield and his mask does not have wings on either side of his head.  This Captain is trained in karate and has no trouble killing people.  He also enjoys hanging out in strip clubs, which is something that you would never catch the MCU’s Cap doing.  As far as personality is concerned, this Captain America has more in common with Robert Downey, Jr’s Iron Man than with the character played by Chris Evans.

3-dev-adamCaptain America and Santo’s strategy for stopping Spider-Man consists of standing around and waiting for Spider-Man and his goons show up.  They then fight until Spider-Man either escapes or dies.  It turns out that this Spider-Man does have one additional superpower.  Whenever he dies, a new Spider-Man appears nearby and continues fighting.  This leads to a climax where Cap kills Spidey in a number of gruesome ways, just to have a new Spider-Man materialize and laugh at him.  By the end of the film, the screen is littered with dead Spider-Men.

3 Dev Adam is such a strange film that it is almost impossible to review.   If you have ever wanted to see Captain America and Spider-Man fight to the death (over and over again), this is the film for you.  As for Aytekin Akkaya, 3 Dev Adam was the only time that he ever played Captain America.  But anyone who has seen 3 Dev Adam will never forget him.