Music Video of the Day: Eve of Destruction by the Chemical Brothers, featuring AURORA and Nene (2019, dir by Marcus Lyall and Adam Smith)

Oh hell yeah!

From The Chemical Brothers, here’s the video for the lead track off of No Geography, Eve of Destruction!

Judging from what AURORA and Nene have to say on this track, it would appear that the world is on the verge of ending.  Humans minds are simplified.  Sacrifice is justified.  We can’t afford the water.  But maybe — just maybe — you can find a friend to dance with for the weekend.

And really, that’s the whole meaning of life, isn’t it?  Things are frequently terrible but at least you can still dance.  So, what are you going to do?  Sit around and whine on twitter or are you going to get out there and dance and at least enjoy the eve of your destruction?  Because seriously, if the whole world’s going to end anyway, you might as well have a good time before your turned into ash and wiped off of the face of history.

Fortunately, judging from this video, it does appear that we do have a plan in place in case the world gets attacked by vaguely goofy kaiju.  So, there’s at least one reason to be optimistic.

Anyway, I love the Chemical Brothers, I love this track especially, and I am totally in love with this video.  AURORA and the Chemical Brothers are exactly what the world needs right now!


Music Video Of The Day: Animal by Aurora (2019, dir by Tim Mattia)

So, this video starts out with Aurora stuck in a cage in a back of a truck and your natural reaction is to say, “Get her out of that cage!”  Of course, as soon as she gets out, she kills a man, starts to spit up eggs, and eventually finds herself in one of those dystopian clubs that everyone goes to in the future.  (I mean, even Britney Spears found herself stuck at one.)  

So, maybe things were actually better in the cage.  Perhaps that’s what the future  holds for us all — a cage of our own on the back of a truck.  Hopefully, there will be some variety as far as the cages are concerned.  Myself, I’d prefer a big cage that has room for a bad and a couch and nice TV.  It would appear that Aurora got suck in one of the cheaper cages, which just doesn’t seem right.

I believe that the point of this video is that everyone’s an animal, driven by animalistic desires.  I have to agree with that and it certainly does explain a lot about what’s been happening on twitter lately.  That said, I like the video mostly because I have a weakness for shadowy cityscapes.  There’s literally not a single song that can’t be improved by a music video taking place in a dark alley.