Music Video of the Day: Skydive by O-Town (2014, dir by ????)

Aren’t wind farms romantic!?

Actually, wind farms are not at all romantic.  Instead, they are big ugly eyesores that usually ruin an otherwise perfect view.  They kill hundreds of birds a year and they also don’t generate as much power as advertised.  I know that we’re all supposed to love wind farms but, to me, they always bring to mind a dystopian hellscape.  Seeing them off the side of the road is like seeing an abandoned oil derrick.  They’re just creepy.

Don’t tell that to the boys from O-Town, though.  To them, there’s nothing more romantic than running around a wind farm and singing about how they’re going to skydive into their girlfriend’s heart.  If you are going to skydive, I would suggest doing it away from a wind farm because can you imagine accidentally landing on one of those monstrous windmill things?  And even if the members of O-Town do avoid the windmills, there are also a lot of powerlines in this video.  Maybe, instead of going to a wind farm, they could have celebrated their anniversary at a nice restaurant.

My sister swears that O-Town stood for Orgasm Town but actually, it was a reference to the band being from Orlando.  If they’re from Orlando, why are they in the middle of the desert?  If I was that close to Disney World, you wouldn’t find me running around some wind farm.  You would find me in line to enter the Haunted Mansion for the 100th time.


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