Sometimes They Come Back… Again (1996, directed by Adam Grossman)

When Jon Porter was a child, he witnessed the murder of his sister by three delinquents named Tony (Alexis Arquette), Vinnie (Bojesse Christopher), and Sean (Glen Beaudin).  The three thugs would have killed Jon too except that they were electrocuted by an electrical wire in a puddle of water.  Years later, the now adult Jon (Michael Gross) returns to his hometown for the funeral of his mother.  Jon is now a psychologist and has a daughter named Michelle (Hillary Swank).

The death of Jon’s mother was no accident.  Tony has come back to life and Michelle, not knowing that he’s a demon, has a crush on him.  Tony soon brings Vinnie and Sean back to life and they seek revenge on the man who they blame for their deaths.

This straight-to-video sequel to Sometimes They Come Back is slightly better than the first film, mostly because Tony and his gang are more intimidating than the ghost greasers that haunted Tim Matheson and Michelle wanting to date the man that her father killed adds a new wrinkle to the story.  There’s nothing about Hillary Swank’s performance that would make you think she was a future Oscar winner but she is likable and sympathetic.  The member of the cast who make the biggest impression is Jennifer Elise Cox, playing Michelle’s Tarot card-reading friend.  (Cox is probably best known for playing Jan Brady in The Brady Bunch movies.)  Cox brings a lot of kooky charm to the movie and is featured in the film’s most memorable scene.  Sometimes They Come Back… Again may not reinvent the horror genre but it’s a passably entertaining straight-to-video horror film.

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