Stepfather III (1992, directed by Guy Magar)

As if Stepfather II was not bad enough on its own, 1992 saw the release of Stepfather III.

Once again, Jerry Blake/Gene Clifford manages to survive being mortally wounded at the end of the previous film.  After he recovers, he is sent to the exact same institution that he previously escaped from.  Guess what happens?  He escapes again!  Now using the name Keith, he marries Christine Davis (Priscilla Barnes) and become stepfather to her son, Andy (David Tom).  Andy is in a wheelchair.  Keith is convinced that Andy is faking his condition and keeps calling him “slugger.”  When Andy doesn’t respond, Keith prepares to move on to another single mother (Season Hubley).  But, before he can move on, Keith needs to take care of his current family.  Good thing that he has a woodchipper.

Terry O’Quinn did not return for Stepfather III.  The Stepfather is played by Robert Wightman, who looked and sounded nothing like Terry O’Quinn.  The film tries to explain it away by saying that the Stepfather got plastic surgery after he escaped from the institution but, unless the plastic surgeon was God, there’s no way that Jerry/Gene could ever have become Keith.

Stepfather III goes through the motions and even repeats the first film’s “buckle up for safety” gag.  By repeating all of the key scenes from the first (and even the second) movie, the third movie only succeeds in reminding us that The Stepfather doesn’t work without Terry O’Quinn’s performance and Joseph Ruben’s intelligent direction.  Keith becomes a standard movie slasher with a wood chipper.  He does inspire Andy to get out of his wheelchair, in a scene that will inspire more laughter than cheers.

One positive note: Season Hubley is in this movie!  Much as with Jill Schoelen in the first movie and Meg Foster in Stepfather II, this franchise had a way of attracting actresses who deserved better.

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