I Watched Retreat To Paradise (2020, dir. by Brian Brough)

Last night, I told Tubi that I wanted to watch a movie about tennis.  It recommended Retreat to Paradise.

Retreat to Paradise is about Jordan (Casey Elliott), a pro tennis player who injures his shoulder in a car accident.  He and his manager, Neal (Brian Krause), retreat to Fiji so that Jordan can work on his shoulder without being harassed by the press.  (Are reporters not allowed to go to Fiji?)  Ellie (Melanie Stone) is the latest of the many physical therapists that Neal has hired to try to help Jordan’s shoulder heal.

Ellie soon discovers why all of Jordan’s other therapists have quit.  He’s a terrible patient and he feels so guilty about the accident that he doesn’t even want to play tennis anymore.  Even though Jordan denies it, he would rather let his shoulder keep deteriorating until he can’t even move it because Jordan doesn’t think that he deserves to be a success.  Ellie not only has to help Jordan conquer his physical pain but also help him come to terms with his mental pain.  She not only forces him to exercise but she also gets him to open up and discuss his past and the accident that left him injured.  Of course, with Neal’s encouragement, they start to fall in love.  But Jordan’s agent, Regina (Jaclyn Hales), is also in love with Jordan and she comes across a secret from Ellie’s past.

The main impression that I got from watching Retreat to Paradise was that Fiji is a really beautiful island.  Retreat to Paradise was shot on location and the island scenery is the best thing about it.  The story’s sweet but predictable and there’s never any doubt that Jordan and Ellie will get together, even if they don’t like each other when they first meet.  Jordan is handsome and Ellie is pretty but the two actors playing them don’t have any real chemistry.  They fall in love but they also barely kiss.  Retreat to Paradise earns its TV-G rating.  For a movie that was recommended to me because I wanted to watch something about tennis, there wasn’t much tennis in Retreat to Paradise.  Fiji is so nice to look at that it nearly makes up for all that.  Jordan has the right idea.  If you need to retreat to paradise, retreat to Fiji.

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