Blast From The Past: Engagement Party (dir by William Thiele)

Green Stamps were a little bit before my time but they sound like they were fun.  From what I’ve been able to pick up, apparently you could get green stamps at any store and then you could exchange them for various goods at the Green Stamps distribution center.  Apparently, the more you spent, the more green stamps you received.  At least, that’s how I think they worked.  As I said at the start of this paragraph, they were a bit before my time.

In fact, just about everything I know about Green Stamps comes from watching Engagement Party, a 30-minute film from 1956, on TCM.  In Engagement Party, Carl Landis (Craig Hill) is the son of the owner of Landis Department Store.  Soon, Carl will be taking over the family business.  Unfortunately, the family business isn’t doing so well and, until Carl can figure out how to turn things around, Carl is reluctant to marry his girlfriend, Ellen (Gloria Talbott).

When Carl first meets Elliott Winston (Leon Ames), a friend of Ellen’s family, he rolls his eyes when Elliott mentions that he works for the people behind Green Stamps.  Carl is a frequent eye roller, largely because Carl is a jerk.  Carl explains that he considers Green Stamps to be a scam and there’s no way that he would allow them to be distributed in his store.  Elliott takes it upon himself to show Carl the error of his ways.

Basically, this is just a 30-minute commercial for Green Stamps but, from a historical point of view, it’s an interesting little time capsule of the world of 1956.  To me, the most interesting thing about this short film is the fact that Carl really is just a totally self-righteous jerk.  Why would Ellen want to marry someone who simply will not stop talking about how much he hates Green Stamps?  Get a life, Carl.  To his credit, Elliott Winston can barely seem to hide his intense loathing for Carl.  Even when Elliott’s being friendly, you can tell that he just wants to take a swing at him.

For your education and your enjoyment, here is a Blast From The Past….

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