The Covers of Space Busters

In the far future, with Earth under constant threat from extraterrestrial invasion, it was up to Captain Crockett to fight invaders from outer space!

That was the idea behind Space Busters, a pulp comic/magazine that was briefly published in 1952.  Each issue featured the adventures of Captain Crockett, along with some other sci-fi tales that were not related to the captain and some non-fiction science articles.  Unfortunately, it appears that there were only two issues of Space Busters.  The first issue was dated March of 1952 and the second was dated August of 1952.  Readers decided not to follow the adventures of Captain Crockett, despite his hard work protecting the planet.

Today, both issues are eagerly sought by collectors, due to the fantastic covers that were done by Allen Anderson and Norman Saunders.  Captain Crockett may be gone but his legacy lives on.

by Norman Saunders

by Allen Gustav Anderson

2 responses to “The Covers of Space Busters

  1. You call SPACE BUSTERS “a pulp comic/magazine.” Outside of Ziff-Davis being a pulp magazine publisher and Norman Saunders and Allen Anderson being cover artists for the pulps, SPACE BUSTERS is a comic book. It’s not close to being a pulp magazine. In addition to pulps (and non-pulp magazines), Ziff-Davis also published comic books.


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