A May Day Blast From The Past: A Good Days Work: Selling

Happy International Workers Day, a.k.a. May Day!

Today, we celebrate May Day with this short film from 1974.  A Good Days Work: Selling is all about how exciting it is to work in a fish market.  I guess these film were made so that children in school could mentally prepare for the careers that were ahead of them and, indeed, I imagine a few kids in 1974 probably grew up to work in a New England fish market.

Anyway, I find this short film to be kind of moody and …. I don’t know, weird.  The grainy images and the voyeuristic children are, to be honest, kind of unsettling.  There’s a lot of ennui to be found in this film.  Though it’s not the film’s fault, it’s hard to watch anything that was filmed in New England without expecting some sort of weird Stephen King thing to start happening.  But, at the same time, it also taught children about fish markets so I guess that’s a good thing.

Anyway, enjoy!

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