Music Video of the Day: Patience by Guns N’ Roses (1989, directed by Nigel Dick)

Maybe it’s the whistling at the start but I’ve always thought of this as being a Guns N’ Roses country song.

The video was directed by Nigel Dick, who has directed music videos for anybody who is anyone in music.  The scenes of the band performing were filmed at The Record Plant, a legendary Los Angeles recording studio,  The scenes in the hotel were filmed at the Ambassador, which is the same hotel where Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1968 shortly after winning California’s Democratic presidential primary.  At the time the video was shot, the Ambassador had been closed down and was scheduled to be demolished.  (It would be another 17 years before the hotel actually was torn down.)

This was the final Guns N’ Roses video to feature drummer Steve Adler, who was fired from the band after the video was shot.  Most people who have seen this video will probably agree that the snake is the true star of the production.


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