Music Video of the Day: Me Myself and I by De la Soul

To understand this video, it is necessary to understand how Me Myself and I came to be written in the first place.  While recording their debut album, 3 Feet High and Rising, De La Soul was told that they needed to record a song that would serve as an “introduction” and which would also hopefully become a radio hit.  In other words, the label wanted at least one song that wasn’t, as Posdnous put it to Rolling Stone, “so over everyone’s head.”.  Me Myself and I was De La Soul’s way of letting listeners know that they were individuals but they also weren’t hippies.  The band was surprised when it went on to become their biggest hit off the album.

Me Myself and I finds the members of De La Soul as the students of Prof. Defbeat, who ridicules De La Soul for not conforming to the “traditional” hip hop image before the band is finally able to drop out of his class.  The video’s message is summed up by producer Prince Paul, who says, “If you take three glasses of water and put food coloring in them, you have many different colors, but it’s still the same old water. Make the connection?”


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