Here Are The 2021 Nominations of the Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Guild!

When it comes to predicting the Oscars, the Guilds are usually a better precursor than the regional critics.  That’s because the guilds usually include a number of Academy members.  As such, the Guild nominations are a good indication of how the film industry and the Oscar voters are feeling about the contenders.

The Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Guild got things started yesterday, with their nominations for the best makeup and hairstyling of 2021!  There’s not really a lot of surprises below.

House of Gucci got a nomination as did The Eyes of Tammy Faye.  One would expect them to be nominated so it would have been a big deal if they had been snubbed.  But they weren’t, so who cares?

Dune got two nominations and seems a lock to pick up the most technical nominations and wins when it comes to the Oscars.

Don’t Look Up was also nominated for some reason.  Don’t Look Up is a terrible movie but I have a feeling it’s going to a contender.  Voting for it is a way to say you’re concerned about climate change without making any inconvenient changes in your life.  If Adam McKay could pick up a nomination for something as bad as Vice, he should be able to slip in with Don’t Look Up.

Anyway, here are all of the film nominees:

Best Contemporary Make-Up, Feature-Length Motion Picture
“Black Widow” (Paul Gooch, Paula Price, Deborah LaMia Denaver)
“Coming 2 America” (Merc Arceneaux, Vera Steimberg, Trent Simmons, Caroline Monge)
“Don’t Look Up” (Liz Bernstrom, Julie LeShane, Claudia Moriel, Joseph Dulude ll)
“No Time to Die” (Daniel Phillips)
“The Suicide Squad” (Heba Thorisdottir, Greg Funk, Sabrina Wilson, Jillian Erickson)

Best Period and/or Character Make-Up, Feature-Length Motion Picture
“Being the Ricardos” (Ana Lozano, David Craig Forrest, Kyra Panchenko, Denise Paulson)
“Cruella” (Nadia Stacey, Naomi Donne, Guy Common)
“Dune” (Donald Mowat, Jo-Ann MacNeil, Rocky Faulkner, Jennifer Stanfield)
“House of Gucci” (Jana Carboni, Sarah Tanno, Daniel Lawson Johnston, Stefania Pellegini)
“The Eyes of Tammy Faye” (Linda Dowds, Ashleigh Chavis-Wolfe, Renee Goodwin)

Best Special Make-Up Effects, Feature-Length Motion Picture
“Coming 2 America” (Mike Marino, Michael Fontaine, Yoichi Art Sakamoto, Diana Choi)
“Dune” (Donald Mowat, Love Larson, Eva von Bahr, Rocky Faulkner)
“House of Gucci” (Göran Lundström, Federica Castelli)
“The Eyes of Tammy Faye” (Justin Raleigh, Kelly Golden, Chris Hampton, Thom Floutz)
“The Suicide Squad” (Shane Mahan, Brian Sipe, Matt Sprunger, Greg Funk)

Best Contemporary Hair Styling, Feature-Length Motion Picture
“Coming 2 America” (Stacey Morris, Carla Farmer, Louisa Anthony, Victor Paz)
“In The Heights” (Betsy Reyes, Valerie Velez, Annemarie Bradley-Sherron, Diedre Harris)
“No Time to Die” (Daniel Phillips)
“The Matrix Resurrections” (Flora Moody, Shunika Terry, Kerrie Smith)
“The Suicide Squad” (Janine Rath-Thompson, Michelle Diamantides, Melizah Wheat, Kristen Saia)

Best Period Hair Styling and/or Character Hair Styling, Feature-Length Motion Picture
“Being the Ricardos” (Teressa Hill, Yvonne De Patis-Kupka Lindy Dunn, Kim Santantonio)
“Cruella” (Nadia Stacey, Naomi Donne, Julia Vernon)
“House of Gucci” (Giuliano Mariano, Frederic Aspiras, Alexis Continente, Anna Carin Lock)
“The Eyes of Tammy Faye” (Stephanie Ingram, Betty Lou Skinner, Heather Hawkins, Bryson Conley)
“West Side Story” (Kay Georgiou, Jerry DeCarlo)

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