6 Things That I Am Looking Forward To In January

Ah, January.

Traditionally, as far as pop culture goes, January doesn’t get much respect.  If a studio has a film that they knew isn’t going to be a hit with critics or audiences, January is where they usually dump it.  The same can often be said of publishers.  Everyone is so busy getting caught up on what they missed during the last few months of the previous year, chances are that they won’t notice a few bombs dropped on the cultural landscape.  That’s the theory anyways.

But, you know me!  I’m an optimist.  And I remain convinced that, even in January, there are things to which we can look forward,  And here’s six of those things!

(Why six?  Because Lisa doesn’t do odd numbers.)

  1. Morbius

Morbius stars Jared Leto as a “living vampire” and it’s scheduled to be released at the end of January.  This seems like one of those comic book adaptations that could be fun in a goofy sort of way.  The whole question is whether or not Jared Leto will take himself too seriously in the title role.  I’m hoping that he will.

2. Scream

Is it Scream or is it Scream 5?  On the one hand, this film is being promoted as a “reboot” of the series but, at the same time, it’s also being described as a direct sequel to Scream 4, with Courtney Cox, David Arquette, and Neve Campbell all returning.  Personally, I’m expecting to be disappointed but I’m still interested in seeing for myself.  Scream opens on January 14th.

3. Sundance Film Festival 2022

Sudance!  Hey, who doesn’t love Sundance?  Over the past few years, it seems as if at least one Sundance hit always emerges as an Oscar contender.  Minari was a hit at Sundance, for instance.  Brooklyn was first discovered at Sundance.  It’s always tempting to kind of make fun of Sundance because it really is indie filmmaking at its most Hollywoodish but it’s still the first important event of the year in cinema.  This year, Sundance will run from January 20th to January 30th.

4. Sinclair Lewis Is In The Public Domain

As of today, the work of Sinclair Lewis is now in the public domain!  So, I’ll be looking forward to new cinematic versions of Babbitt, Main Street, Arrowsmith, and It Can’t Happen Here!  Get on it, Asylum!

5. Awards Season Continues

Yay!  We’re now about to enter the actual important part of Awards Season.  The Guilds will be announcing their picks for the best of 2021.  As far as precursors go, the Guilds are far more useful than the critics groups.  Of course, sometimes the guilds mislead us.  Remember when everyone thought Deadpool was going to get a best picture nomination?  Thanks a lot, Producers Guild!

6. Grammy Awards

Actually, I don’t care about the Grammy Awards but I needed something to list in the sixth slot.  What can I say?  It’s January!  Anyway, I know that some people are looking forward to the Grammy Awards and there will undoubtedly be some sort of silly twitter controversy about the ceremony so I guess we can all get behind that.  The Grammy Awards are scheduled to be handed out on January 31st.

What are you looking forward to in January?  Anything? Nothing?  Let us know.

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