Here’s The Trailer For The Black Phone!

Not all horror comes out in October!

In fact, just yesterday, a trailer dropped for a horror film that will be coming out in February!  So, happy Valentine’s Day, I guess.

Anyway, the trailer is for The Black Phone, which is the latest film from Scott Derrickson.  It’s a return to his horror roots after his detour into the MCU.  It appears to be about a kidnapping and the kidnapper is Willy Wonka!  Oh, wait a minute …. that’s Ethan Hawke.

The trailer looks kind of creepy.  Derrickson’s Sinister is still one of the scariest films of the past ten years.  Plus, Ethan Hawke should get all the roles that seem like they were originally written for Johnny Depp.  So, I’ll give this one a shot when it comes out next year.

Here’s the trailer:

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