Cleaning Out The DVR: Psycho Intern (dir by Ann Forry)

Here at the Shattered Lens, we have a very simple but very important rule.


Of course, we also don’t have any interns so I’ve never really had to go out of my way to enforce that rule but still, if we did have interns, the rule would definitely be to not sleep with them.  Seriously, I’ve seen enough Lifetime films to know better.  Anytime you see a Lifetime film with the word “Intern” in the title, you know that the intern is going to be attractive, you know that the boss is going to be dealing with a difficult divorce or some other personal issue, and you know that one night of passion is going to leave to at least 40 minutes of trouble.

That’s certainly the case when it comes to Alex Prescott (Madison Smith), the handsome young man who works as an intern for Maya (Emmanuelle Vaugier).  At first, Alex just seems like an overly earnest college student who is oddly eager about making coffee.  But then, after Maya’s assistant is injured in a mysterious accident, Alex becomes an indispensable part of the office.  In fact, Alex is so helpful and so supportive and so handsome that it doesn’t seem to matter that he never brought in the information necessary for the company to run a background check for him.  And when he’s asked to offer up some proof that he actually is a college student, he claims that university’s server has gone down and it’ll be a while before he can get that proof.  

That all sounds pretty suspicious to me but one can’t really blame Maya for not paying to much attention.  She’s got a lot to deal with.  Not only is her daughter coming by for a visit but Maya also has a big presentation coming up.  Unfortunately, she also has to deal with a misogynistic coworker.  Fortunately, that coworker is sent to the hospital, the result of another mysterious accident!  There certainly do seem to be a lot of mysterious accidents and incidents whenever Alex is around.  Maya would probably notice that if she wasn’t busy having a one night stand with him in the office.

Afterwards, Maya is all like, “We have to transfer you to another office!”  But Alex …. well, the title of the movie is Psycho Intern, afterall!

This is hardly the first movie about a psycho to air on Lifetime, nor will it be the last.  Hell, it’s not even the first Lifetime movie about a psycho intern!  For whatever reason, interns are always bad news on Lifetime, which leads me to wonder what life is like at corporate headquarters.  One of the main themes of Lifetime movies that take place in the corporate world is that executives should never trust anyone who makes less money than them because those people will always end up trying to kill them.  That’s certainly the case here but, what the film lacks in originality, it makes up for in entertaining melodrama.  Madison Smith does a good job of switching back and forth from being charming to being batshit insane.  Emmanuelle Vaugier is a veteran of these type of films and she bring her usual flair to the role.  It’s a Lifetime movie that promises a psycho intern and it keeps its promise.


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