Bloodletting Go : “Crusher Loves Bleeder Bleeder Loves Crusher” #2

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Some may call the events in the second (and final) issue of writer Thomas Stemrich and artist Patrick Keck’s Crusher Loves Bleeder Bleeder Loves Crusher a kind of “waking nightmare,” but trust me when I say underneath it all there’s a morality play on nature vs. nurture, learning vs. instinct, and maybe even friendship vs. tribal loyalty. You’ve just gotta wade though a whole lot of the red stuff to get there.

As with the first installment of this story, that red stuff is depicted in black and white, but honestly — Keck’s solid, thick-lined, “crunchy” art is best experienced with the full impact of his rich detail unobstructed by color. This is visceral work, to be sure, but cartoonishly so, which is to say that it hits home precisely due to the force of its aesthetic outlandishness. I could spend all day looking at this art if I didn’t…

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