Exploring Tana Oshima’s “Unbound” Imagination

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Set in the creatively-fertile netherworld where dreams, myths, and reality converge — and proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that whatever “barriers” exist between them are fragile and transitory at best — Tana Oshima’s new “all-ages” comic, Unbound, takes readers on a journey unlike any other and solidifies her reputation as one of the most unique cartooning auteurs of our time. Here’s the thing, though : it’s not like she’s setting out to necessarily do any of that — and that’s part of what makes this work so special.

On the surface, the narrative that unfolds in this gorgeous self-published squarebound book is deceptively simple : two people strike up a friendship and decide to transform into a bird and a flower in order to spend their lives together seeing all that there is to see. But there are layers upon layers of meaning and import to unpack…

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