The Trailer For Clifford The Big Red Dog Features A Really Big Red Dog

Damn, that’s a big dog.

The movie looks like it might be cute for kids but I have to admit that I’ve never really been a dog person. In fact, I’m pretty much scared to death of dogs. I always have been. When I was like ten, I nearly got over my fear because my family went to the lake for the weekend and there was a dog there that was really friendly. But then, he took a nap and when he woke up, he looked at me and started to growl and my mom told me to hide behind the car while she shooed him away. Of course, as soon as I got behind the car, the dog lunged for me and I ran all the way down to the lake, with him barking after me. Later, his owners explained that he was a nice dog but that he could be unpredictable, especially when waking up. They didn’t really seem to be that concerned about the fact that I had been traumatized as a result of what had happened. That incident pretty much ended whatever chance there was of me ever becoming a dog person. That said, I’d probably like Clifford, just because he’s red.

According to my New York friends, the only thing more unrealistic than the big dog is the big Manhattan apartment.

Clifford The Big Red Dog will be charging into theaters on September 17th.

2 responses to “The Trailer For Clifford The Big Red Dog Features A Really Big Red Dog

  1. My Tall Red (haired) ex-wife was bit in the face by a dog when she was little, so needless to say, we always had cats (and rabbits, and hamsters and hermit crabs, etc). Which was fine with me, as I’ve always favored them anyway.
    I’m not sure I get dog people.


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