Here’s The Trailer For Free Guy!

Free Guy is due to be released on August 13th. It stars Ryan Reynolds as a cheerful bank teller who discovers that he’s just a character in a ….

“Wait a minute, is The Truman Show?”

No, no. The Truman Show was about reality TV and it starred Jim Carrey, who was kind of annoying in the film, if we’re going to be honest. Free Guy is about someone who discovers that he’s a character in a video game and it stars the always wonderful Ryan Reynolds! So, as you can see, they’re totally different. Plus, The Truman Show was all about Truman trying to reach the real world, whereas Free Guy features Reynolds taking control of his artificial reality.

“So, it’s like The Matrix?”

Well, maybe. But it seems to be a lot less pretentious.

“Wreck-It Ralph?”

Uhmm, maybe….

Anyway, here’s the trailer!

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