Music Video of the Day: No More Words by Berlin (1984, directed by Evan English and Paul Goldman)

On Friday night, I watched Thank God It’s Friday with Lisa Marie and the Friday Night Flix gang and I’ve been in a Terri Nunn mood ever since.  Before she joined Berlin and became their lead singer, Nunn was an actress.  Along with appearing in a small but important role in Thank God It’s Friday, she was also a finalist for the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars.  According to what I’ve read online (as with all things that I’ve read online, take it with a grain of salt), the casting came down to Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford vs. William Katt, Terri Nunn, and Kurt Russell.  Carrie Fisher got to be Leia but Terri Nunn got musical superstardom.  I’d say it was a fair trade for both of them, though it is tempting to imagine Terri Nunn singing the Life Day song at the end of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

No More Words is one of Berlin’s most enduring songs.  (I know a few people who are still convinced that the song’s title was No More Worlds.)  Produced by Giorgio Moroder and Richie Zito, No More Words was the first single off of Berlin’s 1984 album, Love Life.  It was also the band’s first Top 40 hit in the States.  It was later used in the film Vision Quest and re-released as the B-side of Madonna’s single Crazy For You.

The video pays homage to the 1967 film, Bonnie and Clyde.  Taking place during the Great Depression, it features the band robbing a bank and then fleeing from the cops.  Terri Nunn is dressed-up to resemble Faye Dunaway in the role of Bonnie Parker.  Despite the fact that they appear to be robbing a small town bank in the South, there are Thomas Dewey campaign posters on the buildings.  In the 30s, Dewey was New York’s district attorney so it’s not likely that anyone living in the Dust Bowl would have been campaigning for him.  The video goes on to loosely recreate several scenes from Bonnie and Clyde, though Terri Nunn seems far more conflicted about the violent bank robber life style than Faye Dunaway ever was.

This video was directed by Evan English and Paul Goldman.  While this is Goldman’s only credit as a video director (according to the imbd), Evan English went on to direct the videos for Elvis Costello’s Veronica and Crowded House’s Nails in My Feet.


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