Artwork of the Day: Wild and Wicked (by David Hatfield)

by David Hatfield

Wild and Wicked was first published in 1965, by Midwood Books.  Laura DuChamp was a pen name for Sally Hastings, who wrote several soft-core books for Midwod.  She also wrote under the name March Hastings.  The artist responsible for this cover is unknown.  When I saw it, my first thought was “Church group gone wild.”

8/1/21 UPDATE: David Hatfield has contacted us to let us know that he’s the artist responsible for this wonderful cover.  His signature can be seen on the right side of the cover, next to the shoulder of the boy in the striped shirt.  Thank you, David, for letting us know so that we could properly credit you for this cover!

4 responses to “Artwork of the Day: Wild and Wicked (by David Hatfield)

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  2. I did the artwork!!! You can see my name next to the sleeve of the man in the red and white shirt. I had trouble finding it myself! It’s vertical and leaning backwards to keep it from distracting from the cover. You can Google me.

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