Thank you, Destroy All Humans!

When I reviewed Destroy All Humans! last year, I ended the review by saying that I couldn’t wait for the remake to be released in 2020.  When I wrote those words, I didn’t know just how much 2020 would sometimes make me want to destroy all humans.  It’s been a hell of a year and distractions from reality have been not only welcome but necessary.  I’m happy to say that the remake of Destroy All Humans! lived up to all of my expectations and it’s often been just the distraction that I needed.

With the exception of one new mission (which was planned for but cut from the original), the remake of Destroy All Humans! is the same game as the original.  Some of the images are a little crisper and the sound quality has been improved but there really aren’t any major differences as far as gameplay is concerned.  For me, that’s not a problem because I consider the original Destroy All Humans to be about as perfect as game from the period can be.

For me, Destroy All Humans! is the perfect game for 2020.  If there’s ever been a year that’s called for a full scale alien invasion, it’s been this one.  I’ve destroyed Santa Modesta and the Turnipseed Farm more times than I care to count.  When the news is bad, there’s something very gratifying about boarding a spaceship and blowing up a grain silo.  Normally, I’m not a fan of mindless violence but the key to Destroy All Humans! is that, no matter how many times you blow Santa Modesta, the town is always rebuilt by the time you return.  Destroy All Humans! may not have been made to show that humans are resilient but it really one of the main lessons of the game.

Thank you, Destroy All Humans!, for being there when we needed you.  Now, let’s just hope for a remake of Destroy All Humans 2!

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