Lifetime Film Review: Secrets In The Basement (dir by Stanley Rowe)

Secrets In The Basement brought to mind two old sayings.

Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Delilah (Melina Bartzokis) wants to live in a big, nice house that was designed by a famous architect and that’s exactly what happens when she and her husband, Shawn (Nick Cassidy), move into a  gigantic home that was designed by the famous Jay Christo.  The house is a smart house, which means that you can tell it what to do.  “House, lock the doors.”  “House, lower the temperature.”  “House, prepare breakfast.”  “House, play something by Saint Motel while I get ready for my day.”  “House, turn on the shower.”  You get the idea.

The only problem appears to be that the house doesn’t have a basement.  Delilah is really upset about living in a house without a basement.  Living in North Texas, I could not relate.  We don’t have basements around these parts and we’ve always done just fine without them.

Still, Delilah gets over her basement worries when she goes to a hardware store and just happens to run into Jay Christo (Micah McNeil)!  Does it make sense that a world famous architect would shop at a local hardware store?  Well, I guess he has to shop somewhere.  It’s obvious that he’s an artist because he wears a red suit.  Soon, Jay is hanging out with Delilah and telling her that it’s important to be the hammer and not the nail.

Despite Jay’s good advice, Delilah is still haunted by nightmares.  It also seems like there’s something strange happening in the house, almost as if someone is deliberately doing stuff just to make her think that she’s losing her mind.  Could it maybe be the mysterious masked man who is living in the basement that the house actually does have despite Delilah and Shawn being told that no such basement exists!?

Who is the masked man?  To be honest, there’s absolutely no suspense as to who the masked man is.  He has a tattoo on his wrist and another character has the exact same tattoo and there you go.  Seriously, shame on you if you can’t guess the identity of that masked man.

But why is the masked man trying to make Delilah think that she’s going crazy?  What is the deep, dark secret that haunts Delilah’s past?  Watch the film to find out, I guess.

Anyway, this film stayed true to my number one rule for Lifetime films.  No matter what else happens, the film must take place in a nice house.  And indeed, the house in Secrets in the Basement is impressive.  That said, I don’t think I could live in a smart house.  I would be way too worried about the house arguing with me about politics or something.  What if I accidentally got a smart house that thought it was smarter than it was?

That said, the house looked great and Melina Bartzokis did a good job playing up Delilah’s nervousness.  I think I would have liked the film a bit more if there had been a bit more suspense about who the masked man actually was.  His identity was way too obvious and his motivations were a bit predictable as well.  Still, if nothing else, this film made me glad that I don’t have a basement.

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