Music Video of the Day: Vote Or Don’t by They Might Be Giants (2012, dir. by ????)

I went looking for an election day music video and this is what I found.  This song first came out in 2008 but the video was released in 2012, a week before the election between Obama and Romney.  I think the song is saying that you should vote and you should also convince your friend not to vote because they might vote for someone different from you and cancel out your vote.  For instance, I voted last week just to make sure that I canceled out the vote of the one communist in the neighborhood.

There she is.

By the way, did you know that some people claim that St. Chad is the patron saint of disputed elections because of the grace and humility he showed in 669 when he was ordered to step down from his disputed role of Bishop of York?  That’s not an official designation, of course but it is something to remember in case things get weird tonight.

St. Chad says, “Behave!”

Back to the video.  The creepy mannequins in this video reside at The Royal de Luxe in Nantes, France.  The Royal de Luxe is a French mechanical marionette street theatre company that is well-known for performances involving giant puppets.  They’ve performed in France, Belgium, England, Germany, Iceland, Chile, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands and Ireland.



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