Horror Film Review: The Silence (dir by John R. Leonetti)

“Don’t make a sound!”

“Why not?”

“Because we’re characters in the 2019 film, The Silence.”


“And there’s monsters flying around the car.”

“Oh, is that what those are?  I thought they were like fruit bats or something.”

“And they only hunt by sound.”


“So, if you make a sound, they’ll swoop down and kill the entire family, even old grandma in the back seat.”

“Does any of this seem familiar?”


“I swear this film feels familiar.”

“Oh please …. this is nothing like A Quiet Place.”

“Uhmm …. big flying creatures swarming on people who make noise and killing them.  How is this not like A Quiet Place?”

“Well, The Silence not only features creatures that only hunt by sound but there’s also a subplot that comes out of nowhere, about a bunch of cultists who have cut out their tongues and who want to sacrifice the family to the monsters.”


“Nothing like A Quiet Place.”

“So, basically, this just A Quiet Place meets a bad episode of Fear The Walking Dead.

“Kind of but you know what?  The Silence has got Stanley Tucci in the cast and he’s an Oscar nominee!  Plus, Kiernan Shipka plays Tucci’s deaf daughter and she’s Sabrina.  Also, Miranda Otto is in it and she-costars with Kiernan on that Sabrina show, so this entire movie really does feel like a particularly messed-up episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.”

“So, basically, this movie is a A Quiet Place meets Fear The Walking Dead meets that terrible Sabrina show.”

“My point is that this film has a really good cast and it’s also got the guts to totally waste them in uninteresting roles.”

“How does that take guts?”

“It also has the guts to kill off the adorable family dog because sometimes you just have to make difficult choices to say alive.”

“Especially when you’re living in a second-rate version of A Quiet Place, right?”


“Uhmm …. should you have just yelled like that, considering all the monsters killing anyone who makes a sound?”


“Well, we’re screwed …. AAAAAAGH!”

And the rest is silence.


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